Clean the Beard

Stage 1: Wash First With Beard Shampoo

Put resources into a top-notch whiskers cleanser to expel dead skin from underneath the facial hair and feed follicles. All the more essentially, it extends the measure of time your facial hair holds the colour. Backrub profoundly into the skin and whiskers strands.

Stage 2: Rinse-Off

Wash off any waiting guck and buildup. Backrub hairs by hand to free any colour caught inside. What’s more, don’t ring it out!

Stage 3: Dry Thoroughly

Dispose of any wetness around the button, sideburns, and all other facial zones. Search with a perfect towel or put your better half’s blow dryer to great utilize.

Prepare the Beard for dye

Stage 1: Trim It

Grab the ole’ dependable whiskers trimmer and begin shortening that sucker down. A significant number of these trusty choices should do the trick. Trim to a coveted length, likewise inspect the face to see whether you have the correct shade on any hairs worth keeping.

Stage 2: Shave And Style It

Edging your facial hair requires some type of shaving. A quality razor takes care of business. Its expansion, it can help with keeping colour off your face around the facial hair.

Stage 3: Barrier It

Time to execute a DIY hack. Apply a thin layer of mineral oil or oil jam around the facial hair to keep any colour spillage onto the skin.

Time to dye the Beard

Stage 1: Protect Your Hands

Continuously wear elastic gloves to abstain from recolouring or skin disturbance.

Stage 2: Mix The Solution

Read the guidelines on the case before anything. At that point continue to blend a balance of the shading base and engineer. Once completely blended, put the tops back on each tube and set away for sometime later.

Stage 3: Brush Dye Into Beard

Most colour units come packaged with an application brush. Here’s a thought. Utilize it. Blend the tip into the arrangement and completely coat your facial hair. Mustache and sideburns included. Utilize all over strokes, working the colour profound into the facial hair guaranteeing all unmistakable patches are secured.

Stage 4: Let It Settle In

Enable the colour to work its enchantment, yet screen all adjustments in shading inside the initial 10-20 minutes to choose whether a second application is vital. In the event that unsatisfied with the outcomes, evacuate the colour with a clammy towel and begin from the earliest starting point.

5 Best Grey Beard Dyes

#1: Godefroy Silver Fox Men’s Silver And Gray Beard Brightener For Ethnic Hair Types



About the Product: The best choice for those searching for a grey facial hair kit. Infused with ultra-rich conditioners that make your hair soft and silky post application.


  • No harmful chemicals
  • Lasts long with proper care
  • not tested on animals
  • easy to mix with other colours


  • Drippy as compared to other dyes

#2: MENFIRST GRADUAL GRAY DARKENING BEARD WASH – Beard Shampoo That Cleans, Conditions, And Gradually Reduces Gray And White Beard Color


About the Product: For a gradual and natural looking reduction of white facial hair, Gradual Gray Beard Wash is the best solution leaving your beard and mustache darker, softer and fuller.




  • Cons
  • Doesn’t work on all shades

#3: Just for Men Touch of Gray Brush-In Mustache & Beard Color Kit, Light & Medium Brown

About the Product: The kit Lasts plenty and it contains permanent liquid hair colour with a precision applicator. Lastly, the product comes with a  Conditioning Gloss.


  • Natural looking colour
  • Doesn’t damage hair


  • Slightly expensive as compared to other brands

#4: Gray Hair Treatment Formula for Mustache and Beard

About the product: Made for people who want a simple naturallook without dyes,chalk etc


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Easy and quick to apply


  • Fades quickly


#5: Godefroy Silver Fox Gray Enhancing Crème For Men’s Facial Hair


About the Product: It’s a superb leave-in cream instantly brightens and gives a shine to gray facial hair. It is to be applied in your beard at least 3 times a week for best results.


  • Little post-colouring mess
  • Nourishing hair conditioner keeps the hair healthy


  • The colour may not come ass you might want it to





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